Ten Random Acts of Kindness That Will Melt Your Heart

Ten Random Acts of Kindness That Will Melt Your Heart Kindness is neither altruistic nor selfish…it’s both. When we do kind things for other people, we do kind things for ourselves. In fact, even thinking about the kind things other people have done may help lower your blood pressure and boost your immune system. So […]

Helping & Caring

Washington also had, for many years, a “Metro Minister.” After finishing a four-year degree in religious studies, he ran out of funds to attend his denominational seminary. Since preaching was not his forte he decided he could minister to people by driving a Metrobus. He was recognizable as public agent in summer by the frozen bottles of water he carried to offer to people suffering from the heat. He regularly spoke at churches, where he said that he usually helped people who were “lost” in the physical sense, but was always prepared to minister to “lost souls.”

I actually memorized how to recite the alphabet backwards in order to make sure that I won’t have a problem with that if I ever get pulled over by the fake cops. The problem is, it’s pretty obvious that I just memorized the backwards alphabet. The cop made me do a bunch of other drunkenness tests after hearing me recite the alphabet backwards. He even said, ‘you memorized it, huh?’ Now I have to figure out how to memorize it subtly.

This love story was born in the walls of the hospital. It was not a romantic place at all, but their love was more than ordinary words and casual meeting with flowers and presents. The woman came to India and got into road accident. The woman was lucky as this black man saved her life pushing her from the wheels of the vehicle. He was black and felt so much better! The woman got to the hospital with slight trauma and this black man was caring about her all the time. He sacrificed everything for her and they moved to Europe to start a family.

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Steps To Social Responsibility Awareness

Steps To Social Responsibility Awareness Social responsibility is something that every individual and corporate organizations must strain to achieve. Business models have been entrepreneurs to serve certain interests and create social responsibility awareness. A company owes the society where it is located certain responsibilities both in terms of giving back and in executing certain duties […]

How to Enlighten Others About Social Responsibility

How to Enlighten Others About Social Responsibility According to an increasing number of research studies and surveys, there is a strong link between a company’s social responsibilities and improvements in the business’ overall traditional performance drivers. Due to these recent trends, there has also been many investment opportunities available to those who are socially and […]